Green Cell - GC PowerNest Energy storage / LiFePO4 battery / 5kWh 48V
Product symbol: ESGC01
EAN code: 5904326370968
Warehouse Available Allocated Ordered
Net 7 990,93 zł
Gross (23% VAT) 9 828,84 zł
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GC PowerNest is a home energy storage that supports a home PV installation. It allows for more efficient management of the energy produced and increases the profitability of photovoltaics. Thanks to the device, you can become independent from the power grid, gain a stable power source for home appliances and significantly reduce your electricity bills (up to PLN 0!). An energy storage facility is like a photovoltaic battery: it stores the energy produced when there is too much of it and makes it available when you need it. The surplus that the household is unable to use on an ongoing basis stays with you. Therefore, you do not have to incur additional costs for storing it or selling it to an external energy supplier. Thanks to the stability and safety of use, the warranty for Powernest is up to 10 years or 15,000,000 Wh of energy. In the event of a power outage, the warehouse can power your device thanks to the energy stored in the cells. You manage the accumulated energy according to your needs. GC PowerNest can collect electricity from an external supplier at a cheaper tariff, which will increase your savings! We know that the needs of your home may change. Therefore, you can use GC PowerNest as a single energy store or connect up to 8 devices and gain 40 kWh. Product features: Capacity: 5120Wh Cell type: LiFePO4 Voltage: 48V Overheating protection: Yes Overcharge protection: Yes Deep discharge protection: Yes Short circuit protection: Yes Communication: RS485 / RS232 Ports: RJ45 / RJ11 Application: 1-phase Dimensions: 600x480x135mm Weight: 50kg Warranty: 10 years