Green Cell - LiFePO4 12V 12.8V 7Ah battery for photovoltaic systems, motorhomes and boats
Product symbol: CAV09
EAN code: 5907813968259
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The lithium iron phosphate battery is characterized by exceptional durability, current efficiency and charging speed . It is also a more durable and lighter alternative to lead acid batteries. LiFePO4 batteries retain more than 80% of their capacity even after 2000 charging cycles , thus guaranteeing over 7 years of operation . Thanks to the low self-discharge even after one year of non-use, the battery will be fully operational Due to their high durability and longevity, low weight and current parameters, batteries are used to power recreational vehicles, campers, boats and photovoltaics , supplying houses using solar panels with energy. The nanophosphate batteries are equipped with the BMS battery management system , which not only controls the charging and discharging of the battery, but also the temperature, ensuring safety and extending the life to the maximum . Warranty 24 months Voltage 12.8V Type LiFePO4 Product code CAV09 Manufacturer Green Cell Size 151*65*95 mm Capacity 7 Ah Working temperature od 0 do 45 °C Terminal Faston 250 (F2)