Cable Green Cell GC Type 1 3,6kW 7m / 23ft for charging EV / PHEV
Product symbol: EV19
EAN code: 5907813966712
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Net 473,51 zł
Gross (23% VAT) 582,42 zł
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Don't waste your time - the GC Type 1 cable allows you to charge your electric car as quickly as possible with up to 3,6kW of power. Save up to a few hours by reducing the charging time to the maximum with AC power Unhindered charging - the 7 meter (23 ft) GC cable ends with the most common Type 2 plug, allowing your EV to be freely connected to any charging station in Europe Years of durability - Reinforced cable construction allows you to connect this up to 10,000 times - 15 years of trouble-free usage. A number of safety checks ensure years of work as well as resistance to mechanical damage and splashes The GC cable is compatible with all electric cars and hybrids equipped with Type 1 plugs Warranty 24 months Power 3.6kW Colour Black The possibility of return Up to 30 days Product code EV19 Manufacturer Green Cell Amperage 16A Weight 4kg Length 7 m Vitality 10000 conections