Dunlop - Brake Disc Lock
Product symbol: 8711252075600
EAN code: 8711252075600
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Basic data
Item nameDunlop - Brake Disc Lock
Product symbol8711252075600
Warranty conditionsR24M Representation 24 months
Weight gross 0,30 kg
Height [mm]
  • 60
Width [mm]
  • 45
Thickness [mm]
  • 20
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The brake disc lock with a fixing cable will protect motorbikes, scooters, bicycles and other vehicles equipped with brake discs against theft. The lock works by preventing the wheels from rotating.

Product features:
- Fixing cable with a length of 150cm and a diameter of 4mm
- Bright colour of the cable
- Protection for discs
- Attachment to the brake disc
- Two spanners included